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If you are a motivated, enthusiastic scientist, interested in joining our team as either a PhD student or a postdoc, please email me to discuss opportunites: 

There are a number of different PhD projects and funding schemes to join the lab and funded PhD scholarships for International students are available.

Consider the following projects /programmes, all of which will provide opportunities to join our lab (click on project for more details):

1. EASTBIO Understanding cohesion establishment at DNA replication origins using a synthetic biology approach  - direct entry into our lab, with benefits of the EASTBIO programme training and support. 

2. Wellcome PhD programme in Integrated Cellular Mechanisms (iCM) - rotation project based exciting new cross-disciplinary programme in which main research project/supervisors chosen half way through the first year.

3. MRC Precision Medicine programme: Synthetic chromosomes to understand genome stability - joint PhD project between Nick Gilbert's lab and our lab with core training in bioinformatics.

4. How are kinetochores, cohesin and the pericentromeric chromatin modified during chromosome segregation in meiosis? - direct entry into our lab.

You are welcome to contact with informal enquiries before applying.